As we probably all know, SEO is becoming a really important part regarding the success of a website affluence.

One of the important points about such a thing is the preferred site between and Redirecting traffic from one to the other will make a significant difference in the traffic of your digital domain.

Do I really have to choose between the two?

Well... yes. Staying consistent about your canonical domain will contribute to the confidence level of your site for search engines algorithms and bots.

Use HTTP Redirection 301 with NGINX

If you use a NGINX web-server to do so, here is the way you can redirect your traffic properly from one domain address to the other.

Which one to choose? or ?
there is no correct answer to this question as even between the big names of the world-wide-web the decision differ.

I personally chose to redirect from not-www to www because of some optimization stuff I read about on the profoundness of the web.

server {
    	return 301$request_uri;